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Our mission emerged from our dreams and our desire to play the most exciting FPS games in VR.

Since, it has become our passion and our goal to enable all people to experience locomotion in VR. Our inclusive technology solutions will empower millions to join our dream and the VR world created by many.

Experience VR locomotion with C-Infinity.

Neurodigital VR Interface

Experience true sense of locomotion with our VR interface.

The ultimate way to transform your space into a VR ready station. 

See it in action

The library of games you will be able to play is not limited by VR.

Return to your favorite tripple A games, now!

What to expect


C-Infinity is designed to enable the user to enjoy prolonged and comfortable sessions in VR. It supports the human body by reducing pressure on the legs and back while allowing comfortable resting of user’s arms.


C-Infinity keeps you and others safe while enjoying virtual reality. Our solutions completely prevent collisions with objects or people while playing and allow physically impaired users to experience safe locomotion in VR.


With a footprint of just 30″ x 35″, this is all the space you need for endless VR entertainment.


Neuroscience based principles are applied to reduce nausea caused by motion in VR. As the body issues commands through sensors in C-Infinity, the signals for slight sensation of motion are generated in the brain. The weak, initial signals receive visual confirmation in the form of movement in the VR and so significantly reduce motion sickness.

A perfect synergy between human body and machines.

Latest News

NeuroSync Laboratories at the Dubai World Expo 2020

NeuroSync Laboratories at the Dubai World Expo 2020

For the whole duration of the Dubai World Expo, an earlier model of the C-Infinity VR interface was demoed to the public. Many of the Expo visitors had the chance to fully experience true free locomotion in FPS games with no space constraints, nausea or input problems.

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